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It does't matter what is going on with your body, you can heal. Healing requires 2 things, no interference and time. If this sounds vague to you, you are not alone. Follow me, attend my webinars, come to my events, and you will learn more than ever about your body and how to be healthy. 
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I provide consistent results in healthcare while uncovering and creating controversial content, educating the masses.  
Dismiss The Fear.
If you are not in fear of a symptom, disease, or diagnoses, you can make EDUCATED DECISIONS. 
Discredit The "Authority"
The "Health Care" system creates disease that only they have a "cure" for. Years of school doesn't make you right. It makes you trained... 
Develop Hope. 
I'll teach you how to get your body to HEAL better. When you and your family HEAL, you can have HEALth. This is MUCH EASIER than you think. 
Am I a real doctor? 
If covering up symptoms with drugs and never actually fixing anything is what real doctors do, no I'm not a real doctor. All I do is find the cause of the problem and teach people how to fix it. With this, people actually get RESULTS. Am I qualified to talk about vaccines? Well... I have studied them for over 100 hours post graduate. Can your MD say the same? I am not giving medical advise, nor am I telling people to not vaccinate. All I do is educate people of their options and show them what informed consent looks like. That is completely within my scope of practice. 
Who Am I?
Who am I? I'm a believer, I'm a husband, I'm a dad, then I'm a doctor. I have an amazing wife and two children that are a total blessing. My bachelors degree is in exercise science, from the University of Idaho and my doctorate is in chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. For fun I ride and I hunt... Ride what? Any type of board or vehicle with wheels. Hunt what? Birds and big game, my favorite is elk hunting. 
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Why Do I Talk About Vaccines?
Let me email it to you...
The CDC creates campaigns to push you to get vaccinated. They are ridiculous and not scientifically or statistically sound. I created the OPPOSITE as a play off of their crapy story. Click the button below and I will email you all of them so you can use them on social media. 

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