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You're going to get Covid, might as well be ready...

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Omicron variant?

December 2021

Breast Cancer & the clot shot

October 2021

Chiropractic & Covid...

October 2021

Corona VS. Cancer

October 2021

Kids & C-19 Vaccine?

November 2021

FDA Approval? Doesn't matter!

September 2021

C-19 Passport...

March 2021


Ventilators, vaccines & flu numbers

Schools & 

Hospital Birth &
Nursing homes

Numbers & Masks


Billy G.

Judy Mikovits

TOP Scientist backs my glutathione claim...

May 2020

She also backs my silver spray claim...

May 2020

Just how long has Corona been around? 

May 2020

My "interviews" with Fauci :)

If Tommy Boy was alive in 2021....

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